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Consultation for Thesis Presentation

Saša Novak offers IPS students free consultations to present master/doctoral thesis. Please contact info@mps.si for more information.

ISIC – International Studenty Identity Card

First you get a cheaper plane ticket. After that you get discount on the GoOpti to get to the airport. You arrive in Paris, and sleep cheaper in Generator hostel, thanks to ISIC card. Next day you go for some city sightseeing, where you are able to enter and jump the queue to see Mona Lisa in Louvre museum, or maybe enjoy the great view from the top of Arc De Triomphe. Meanwhile, you can get discount on the menu in Hard Rock Café restaurant. All this and much more you can get with ISIC card.
-    Prove your student status where ever you go
-    Access in 130 countries
-    Offers over 40.000 benefits at home and abroad

Find out all the benefits and get your card now. You can get it here.