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Third-cycle study programmes

Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies

Information and Communication Technologies


Sensor Technologies


Awarded title

  • doktor znanosti

  • doktorica znanosti

The titles "doktor znanosti" and "doktorica znanosti" are in Slovenian where the word "doktor" means "Doctor" and the word "znanosti" means "of Science".

According to the Slovenian legislation translating professional and academic titles into a foreign language is not permitted.

Enrolment requirements

Requirements for enrolment into doctoral study programmes are the following:

  • completed second-cycle study programme,
  • completed single-cycle master degree study programme, if evaluated with 300 ECTS,
  • completed pre-Bologna university study programme.

Graduates from pre-Bologna study programmes for acquiring specialisation, who have completed a professional higher education programme, have to fulfil study obligations worth 30 ECTS of individual research work to enrol in the third-cycle study programmes.

Graduates from pre-Bologna study programmes for acquiring a master degree or specialisation after concluding a study programme for acquiring a university degree shall be given recognition of 60 ECTS of study obligations in the third-cycle doctoral study programme. Upon enrolling, such candidates shall individually be given compulsory supplementary exams worth 24 ECTS in order to acquire the required comprehensive knowledge. These exams shall be selected from the doctoral study programme course list. The sum of all credit points acquired from the compulsory supplementary exams, individual research work, seminars for the 2nd and 3rd academic year, and eventual optional courses of candidate's choice is 120 ECTS, meaning that the candidate earns, together with 60 ECTS from the recognised obligations, 180 ECTS in total.

Requirements for completing studies

The students complete their third-cycle studies upon fulfilling the following obligations:

  • all obligations related to the required and elective courses,
  • having at least two articles published or accepted for publishing in international scientific or technical publications or as a patent, at least one of which must be published in a journal included in the Science Citation Index (SCI) or referenced in the Web of Science with Impact Factor,
  • successfully defending their doctoral dissertation after fulfilling the obligations under paragraphs 1 and 2. The doctoral dissertation shall present an independent and original contribution to the scientific discipline.


  • The tuition fee per academic year is 4,500 EUR. The tuition covers the expenses related to the educational process and organisation.

Open day

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