10th Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School Students’ Conference in Piran

Published: 03. may. 2018
We are pleased to inform you that the 10th IPS Student Conference will soon be taking place. The conference offers a great opportunity for students to learn how to present their research work in a simple and comprehensive way. The event will also offer the opportunity to socialize with other postgraduate students and get to know their work. There will also be a chance to talk to our guest lecturers, who will share their experience of science communication. Socializing with colleagues will continue at the conference’s social event in the evening.

WHEN: 10 and 11 May 2018.

WHERE: Marine Biology Station in Piran (http://www.nib.si/mbp/en/).
As the conference will take place at a new location this year and because we want to see as many of you there as possible, we can take care of the transportation to the location as well as the accommodation. Therefore we ask the interested students to mark the use of organized transportation/accommodation in the registration form so we can organize the event efficiently.

WHO: IPS, JSI master and doctoral students and other postgraduate students from Slovenia and abroad can participate in the conference.

FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION: In case of applying for organized transportation and accommodation the contribution will range from 50 to 100 € per participant (the contribution depends on the number of participants), otherwise the participation is free of charge.

REGISTRATION: The due date for registration is 12 March 2018.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Abstract submissions will be possible until (including) 30 March 2018. You will be informed in time regarding any changes in dates for registration and abstract submission.

HOW: Every student will present his work with a:
  • 3-minute oral presentation “elevator pitch”, where his research work will be presented in a comprehensive and interesting way suitable for a general public;
  • Poster, where his research work will be presented in more detail.
Abstract, poster and the 3-minute pitch should be prepared in English.

Additional information regarding the registration, abstract submission and presentation preparation is available at the Student Conference web site: http://ipssc.mps.si.

Approximately two weeks before the conference, the participants will be invited to attend workshops on how best to prepare for the 3-minute oral presentation. The workshops will be held by reporters, who are professionals in presenting scientific information.

The best contributions will be financially rewarded!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 10th Student Conference in Piran, until then we wish you plenty of success in your research work!

The Conference Organizing Committee

*MBS-NIB Dormitory or Hostel Panorama Portorož (http://www.hostelportoroz.si/en/), possible use of parking space

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