Erasmus+ 2016 mobility in Poland

Published: 27. jul. 2018

The Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies student Katarina Hočevar was at Jagielloński University in Krakow in Poland to determine the spectrum of TIGKs surface proteins shedded by P. gingivalis proteases. In the preliminary experiments CFU of infecting P. gingivalis, amount of growth media and concentration of purified gingipains, as well as time of exposure, were established on the level, which does not affect TIGKs viability. The reaction was stopped by adding an inhibitor cocktail enriched in gingipains’ specific inhibitors. After specific time intervals the conditioned media were collected and freeze-dried. A monolayer of TIGKs was washed and used to isolate the cell membrane. Both, the conditioned media and cell membrane fraction were subjected to proteomic analysis to define cell surface proteins, which are degraded or released into the medium by P. gingivalis proteases.

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