Erasmus+ traineeship at Open University of the Netherlands

Published: 19. jun. 2020
During my master studies, I decided to go for an Erasmus+ traineeship somewhere abroad. I chose the Open University of the Netherlands because they were doing research on analyzing emotions from speech - a topic I was working on for my master thesis. The Open University of the Netherlands is based in a small town in Limburg, where most of the students attend the classes online. Although I did not meet any of my classmates at the university, I met a lot of PhD students from the Open University and the University of Maastricht.

During my stay there, I was having lectures on data visualization, deep learning, crowdsourcing etc. I understood these concepts better and I was able to apply them in the topic I chose for my master thesis - emotion recognition from speech. Aside from the lectures, my mentor was helping me develop more efficient deep neural networks. We also tried gathering emotional speech from YouTube videos and annotating them using a text model.

Although I learned a lot, not all of my stay was filled up with work. During my stay, there was a Carnival happening in the Limburg region. At that time, the University was closed and every corner of the street had turned into a street bar with loud Dutch music playing. All in all, this was a great experience for me.

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