Erasmus+ gostovanje na University College London

Published: 10. feb. 2020

ERASMUS+ exchange at University College London’s AI lab gave me an opportunity to work in an engaging and stimulating environment. My work has been focused on construction of transparent, scalable and interpretable recommendation engine for students with disabilities. The goal of the project was to model their learning preferences/characteristics and then use these models to form recommendations of the most suitable educational resources. The algorithm used to achieve that was an adaptation of the novel approach that is being developed at UCL’s AI lab. Based on developed recommendation engine, we also created a recommendation service that we plan to test in the beginning of February on blind Slovenian high school students.

My work was an interesting mix on working on ML research and implementations of these ideas into practical products. New experience for me was also planning of experimental evaluation of developed service with real users - I got a glimpse of what it takes to plan a comprehensive human computer interaction study that includes carful experiment planning and ethic clearances.

My supervisor, prof. dr. John Shawe-Taylor, was an encouraging and inclusive mentor that really made me feel like being a part of his team. All in all, I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked there and I hope to continue collaborating with the researchers for UCL on future projects.

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