Open PhD position at the Department for Nanostructured Materials, JSI

Published: 12. jun. 2019

Open PhD position at the Department for Nanostructured Materials at the Jožef Stefan Institute

High performance nanostructured acrylamide sensor:

High performance electrochemical and resistive sensors for detection of toxic organic compounds (TOC) are important in environmental monitoring, transportation, defence and security, space missions and clean energy sectors. These rapidly developing sensors may be easily adapted for detection of a wide range of TOC, such as acrylamide, formaldehyde (HCHO), ammonia, etc., maintaining high sensitivity and fast responses on a low cost. TOC sensors can improve the quality of life by application in smart buildings and home appliances, where evaporation of TOC should be monitored on daily basis. The main objective of the doctoral thesis is in-depth study and development of a highly-sensitive, selective and portable resistive sensors for detection of acrylamide. The research work will be based on the development of a receptor element via electrochemical synthesis procedures and nanostructuring techniques. The candidate will have opportunity to learn and use advanced synthesis techniques and materials characterization techniques that will enable optimization of process parameters and final development of acrylamide sensor.

Minimum requirements for application:

  • average grade of the BSc and MSc degrees from natural science and engineering fields above 8,
  • age up to 28 years,
  • knowledge of English.
For more information please contact:
Public call The application deadline is 10 August 2019.
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