Published: 17. sep. 2020

Current situation

The Decree on the Determination of Temporary Conditions for the Implementation of Activities in Education and Higher Education stipulates that in order to carry out activities in education and higher education, the condition of recovery, vaccination or testing (PCT) must be met by all persons working in higher education institutions, as well as all other persons who enter the premises of educational institutions and are older than 15 years. The educational institution shall inform them about these conditions in a visible place with a written notice.

The amendment to the decree stipulates that in an educational institution (which also includes student dormitories and higher education institutions), pursuant to the second paragraph of Article 2 of the decree, persons performing work at the institution (including persons under authorship or work contracts) and students, who do not meet the condition of recovery, vaccination or testing (PCT), must be tested once a week for SARS-CoV-2 virus by a rapid antigen test (HAG test), which is funded from the state budget.

IPS Office

We are working from home. You can reach us at info@mps.si and by phone (01) 477-3100.

MIZŠ and NIJZ guidelines for organizing study activities in 2020/21

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MIZŠ) and the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) in regards to the epidemiological situation in Slovenia guidlines for organizing study activities at the web page:

Mobile App #OstaniZdrav

You can download the #OstaniZdrav App on your mobile device to check if you come into contact with a person that is infected with coronavirus.

Instructions for carrying out work at the IPS during COVID-19

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