Defence Protocol

Published: 28. aug. 2020

Due to the ongoing risk of spreading the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we must comply with the measures introduced in the Government decrees and rules imposed by the National Institute of Public Health. In closed spaces, the use of protective masks and hand sanitisers is mandatory. We must also keep a safe distance of at least two metres and maintain the hand and cough hygiene.

Until further notice, defences of doctoral dissertations and master theses will therefore take place remotely via Zoom or as a hybrid event, meaning that only the candidate and the defence committee can be present in the lecture room, while the audience is welcome to join in via Zoom.

Upon reserving the date of the defence, candidates should inform the IPS Office in time of how they want to defend and arrange potential technical help.

We kindly ask you to inform your colleagues about the defence protocol as they can only participate remotely.
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