Changes to the Aliens Act

Objavljeno: 25. apr. 2023

The Directorate for Higher Education informed us that the following changes to the Aliens Act enter into force on 27 April 2023: These are amendments to the fifth paragraph of Article 47 and the first paragraph of Article 52, which refer to the condition of knowledge of the Slovenian language, amended Article 106, amended ninth and tenth paragraphs of Article 110 and tenth paragraph of Article 114.

In order to extend a residence permit for the purpose of study, it is no longer necessary to wait for the 30-day period before the expiration of the valid permit, but you can request an extension as soon as you meet the conditions.

Therefore, we recommend that you submit applications for the extension of your residence permit for study at UE Ljubljana already in the spring, before the summer holidays, so that the application will be resolved in time, before the permit expires. More information:

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