Erasmus+ gostovanje na Mednarodni agenciji za jedrsko energijo IAEA

Objavljeno: 20. jun. 2022

Even before starting a PhD studies, my wish was to spend a period of time abroad to gain international experience at a foreign research institution. Since my PhD work is related to the application of stable isotopes in the urban hydrology, I decided to carry out my Erasmus+ exchange at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the Isotope Hydrology Section, Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences in Vienna. In addition, the topic of the PhD is related to the IAEA coordinated project titled: Isotope Techniques for the Evaluation of Water Sources for Domestic Water Supply in Urban Areas.

At the Agency, I had the opportunity to work in an international team with the experts highly experienced in isotope hydrology field. The activities carried out during the internship were divided into two parts. One part was related to the project where I assisted in the coordination and moderation of the virtual meetings as well as coordination and compilation of data/inputs from participants and preparation of a draft of methodological guidelines to be presented during the last meeting.

The second part included data interpretation for the estimation of residence time and travel-times at the catchment scale and for the evaluation of spatio-temporal patterns of groundwater recharge and groundwater mixing. In addition, I also furthered my practical skills of working in the laboratory.

During my internship, I gained the knowledge in the field of project coordination and management. I got the opportunity to co-lead the preparation of the table of content for the guidelines that gave me good organizing and teamwork experience. While observing the experts, I gained the knowledge on how to present the work with confidence.

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