Erasmus+ praksa na WasserCluster Lunz v Avstriji

Objavljeno: 29. avg. 2022

During the course of my PhD studies at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School I visited WasserCluster Lunz, Lunz am See, Austria, for a 2-month Erasmus+ traineeship. WasserCluster Lunz is an established and well/renowned research centre, conducting basic and applied research on aquatic ecosystems in light of climate change, diversity research, water resource management or renaturation of waters. The research centre provides an excellent environment for young researchers, with a mix of their rich history of research and modern approaches & technologies as well as their involvement in international projects.

The aim of my traineeship was to broaden my knowledge by learning the various approaches they use in researching aquatic ecosystems and to conduct an experiment myself, benefiting from their expertise and using their specific infrastructure. The findings will be published as a part of my PhD thesis on the impact of microplastics on microbial communities in rivers. In addition, I got to experience a foreign, internationally engaged working environment. The exchange was beneficial for my growth as a researcher as well as a person, and I hope for more such opportunities in the future.

Tjaša Matjašič, ECO3

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