Course Module Professor ECTS
Advances in Acquisiton and Analysis of Ionizing Photon and Particle Sensor Signals ST3 doc. dr. Klemen Bučar 5 ECTS
Artificial Intelligence for Science ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 prof. dr. Sašo Džeroski 5 ECTS
Ceramic Materials and Technologies for Sensors of Physical Quantities ST3 izr. prof. dr. Tadej Rojac 10 ECTS
Commercialization of Technologies ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 prof. dr. Borut Likar 5 ECTS
Computer Vision ST3 prof. dr. Aleš Ude 5 ECTS
Contemporary Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Natural Sciences and Engineering ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 prof. dr. Matjaž Omladič 5 ECTS
Detector Systems and Methods for High Energy Resolution X-ray Measurements ST3 doc. dr. Matjaž Kavčič 5 ECTS
Doctoral Dissertation ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 mentor 30 ECTS
Economics and Society ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 prof. dr. Aleksander Zidanšek 5 ECTS
Electrochemical Sensors ST3 izr. prof. dr. Kristina Žužek 5 ECTS
Electromagnetic Sensors ST3 prof. dr. Aleksander Zidanšek 5 ECTS
Fluid Dynamics ST3 prof. dr. Vlado Malačič 5 ECTS
From Environment to Neuronal Networks ST3 doc. dr. Meta Virant-Doberlet 5 ECTS
Gas Sensors ST3 prof. dr. Uroš Cvelbar 5 ECTS
Hydrogen Detection in Materials and in Gas Phase ST3 doc. dr. Sabina Markelj 5 ECTS
Individual Research Work 1 ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 mentor 20 ECTS
Individual Research Work 2 ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 mentor 30 ECTS
Individual Research Work 3 ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 mentor 20 ECTS
Industrial Seminar ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 prof. dr. Spomenka Kobe 5 ECTS
Internet Connected Embedded Devices ST3 prof. dr. Mihael Mohorčič 5 ECTS
Interplay Between Crystal Structure and Material’s Sensing Properties ST3 izr. prof. dr. Andreja Benčan Golob 5 ECTS
Ion Beam Analysis ST3 prof. dr. Primož Pelicon 5 ECTS
Local electrical, electromechanical and thermal properties of the sensor materials ST3 izr. prof. dr. Hana Uršič Nemevšek 5 ECTS
Measurement of Black Carbon and Other Carbonaceous Aerosols ST3 prof. dr. Griša Močnik 5 ECTS
Measurement of Nanoparticles in Air ST3 prof. dr. Maja Remškar 5 ECTS
Metrology in Sensor Technologies ST3 prof. dr. Milena Horvat 5 ECTS
Microbial Biosensors: Cells and Cellular Component, Populations and Communities ST3 izr. prof. dr. Aleš Lapanje 5 ECTS
Optical Chemical Sensors ST3 prof. dr. Aleksandra Lobnik 5 ECTS
Photon, Electron and Ion Detection Sensors ST3 doc. dr. Klemen Bučar 5 ECTS
Physical Oceanography of Coastal Waters ST3 prof. dr. Vlado Malačič 5 ECTS
Plasma-assisted Bio-sensing Techniques ST3 prof. dr. Miran Mozetič 5 ECTS
Preparation of Patent Application ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 prof. dr. Miran Mozetič 5 ECTS
Science Communication ST3,IKT3,NANO3,EKO3 prof. dr. Saša Novak Krmpotič 5 ECTS
Seminar I ST3 prof. dr. Marina Dermastia 10 ECTS
Seminar II ST3 prof. dr. Marina Dermastia 30 ECTS
Seminar III ST3 prof. dr. Marina Dermastia 10 ECTS
Sensor Data Analysis ST3 prof. dr. Dunja Mladenić 5 ECTS
Sensor Networks ST3 izr. prof. dr. Tomaž Javornik 5 ECTS
Sensor Networks for Condition Monitoring of Industrial Assets ST3 prof. dr. Đani Juričić 5 ECTS
Sensors and Sensor Technologies ST3 prof. dr. Barbara Malič 5 ECTS
Sensors in Human Computer Interaction ST3 izr. prof. dr. Gregor Papa 5 ECTS
Sensors in Process Control ST3 prof. dr. Juš Kocijan 5 ECTS
Sensors in Robotics and Biocybernetics ST3 prof. dr. Jan Babič 5 ECTS
Synthetic Biology and Biosensing ST3 prof. dr. Tamara Lah Turnšek 10 ECTS
Whole-cell Biosensors in Toxicology ST3 prof. dr. Metka Filipič 5 ECTS